Your partner to conduct precision infertility diagnostics

With the LEILA Fertility Code we provide you with the tools tack you need to understand the root cause of female sterility, reducing time to diagnosis, improving process efficiencies and extending your service offering.

Who do we serve?

1. Endocrinologic labs & lab groups

Our algorithms use the reference values, possible outcomes and combinations of more than 80 biomarkers for individualised diagnoses and recommendations. This allows for evidence-based diagnostics and a speedy therapy start where indicated.

2. Fertility clinics

We collaborate with international fertility clinics to fast forward their pre departmental processes, saving valuable time for reproductive endocrinologists, who currently spend 80-90% of their time on diagnostics and consultations.

3. Femtech companies

We offer telemedical services for advanced diagnostics to companies focusing on patient care, family benefits or tracking women's fertility.

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